Tuxedo cat lying down | Pet Photography by Linda

Your pet photo shoot is all about your furry companion but I find clients like to know a bit about me so they can decide if I’m the right photographer for them.

Linda as a toddler with grandparents' cat

Why pet photography?

I grew up with dogs at home, and all my close relatives owned a pet of some sort. They played a significant role in our lives, and I used to love their company. But although we had professional photos of us humans, our animal friends were never included so all I have left to remind me of my childhood furry friends are a few hazy fading snaps (like this one of me as a toddler with my grandparents’ cat), which don’t do them justice.

If you share your life with an animal, you’ll know how much they love you, entertain you and keep you company. I think they deserve to be celebrated and their memories should live on long after they’ve gone. For me, beautiful photos and films are the best way to do that. So when I setup Linda Scannell Photography in 2009, I included pet photography as an option. It grew to be a significant part of the business, probably because I love photographing pets so much, so now it deserves its own website which is why I created “Pet Photography by Linda” in 2014.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Both. I spent most of my childhood living with dogs but since I got together with my husband, we’ve shared our lives with cats, mainly because we can’t agree what type of dog we’d have, and partly because our current cat hates all other animals and would give a dog a hard time!

Cat helping with a laptop

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Awards and qualifications

I have several photography qualifications, I’ve won lots of Guild awards for my pet photography, and I’ve won awards in other photography and filmmaking genres too.

I’ve had my photographs featured on magazine covers, and I’ve created photographs for all sorts of businesses from sole traders to large corporates. When I’m not photographing for work, I also create fine art images that I regularly exhibit and sell.