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Welcome to Pet Photography by Linda

I’ve loved animals for as long as I remember. We had dogs when I was a child, and I’ve shared most of my adult life with a cat or two, so I know how much your pets mean to you. They deserve to be celebrated just like any other family member, so I use my photography skills to create artistic portraits that capture their personalities.

A photography studio can be an alien and sometimes frightening environment for animals, so I photograph your pet in their own home and garden, where they can relax and be themselves. If you’ve got dogs, we can go on their favourite walk and capture some great images of them out and about exploring and having fun.

If that sounds like the sort of experience you’d love for you and your pet, contact me.


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Cats Protection's National Black Cat day is back on 27 October this year, and they're offering black or black and white cat owners the chance for their cat to be the face of Black Cat Day. All you have to do is upload a photo of your cat. But it can be a struggle...

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Christmas deadlines 2016

We're officially in autumn now and the Christmas cakes have appeared in Marks & Spencer's already, so I'm not feeling guilty about mentioning planning your festive gifts for your pet-loving nearest and dearest. If you are thinking about treating someone to a beautiful...

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